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Vaccine manufacturing unit

The Increasing Popularity of Single Use Technology in Sterile Manufacturing

What is Single Use Technology?

Single Use Technology (SUT) is growing in popularity in sterile manufacturing processes, including bioprocess and biopharma industry. The major factors responsible for this growth are the inherent advantages this technology offers; like cost effectiveness, simplicity in usage, easier validation, lowest rollout time, higher efficiency, and complete reliability. In the pharma world, they are widely used in both upstream and downstream processes. 
Bottle assemblies for sterile biotech laboratory
Single Use Systems (SUS) as they are alternatively called, usually consist of sterile fluid handling bottle and flask assemblies, bioprocess bags, carboys assemblies, tubings, filters, connectors, and many more.   
TPE tubing and cap assemblies for sterile bioprocess units
Studies have noted that there is a significant improvement in the efficiency of vaccines and biotherapeutics development and production, attributed to easy validation with systems using Single use technology. Single Use Systems have also provided the advantage of faster regulatory approvals and go-to-market strategy. 
Why Choose Foxx Life Sciences?
Foxx Life Sciences has globally been an innovation leader in providing standard and Custom Single Use Technology (SUT) solutions. We offer high-quality, efficient products that enable research, development, and manufacturing in a sterile environment. Our technology is used by researchers and experts in the field of bioprocess manufacturing, research, and development, or GMP manufacturing. All our products are best-in-class that enable your process efficiency with all the regulatory documentation.   
Single use systems range by Foxx Life Sciences
The Foxx advantages are: 
  • ISO 13485 certified production units – Assures quality focused processes, continually innovated to produce the best products for use.
  • All products manufactured using USP Class VI resin materials – Provide high durability and excellent resistance to thermal and chemical environments.
  • All products assembled in Class 7 certified cleanrooms – Maintains complete sterility maintained for your bioprocess SUT applications.
  • Three manufacturing units with robust supply chain facility – Provides the shortest lead times in the industry while maintaining high quality and low cost.
If you have any questions or inquiries, please email us at or call +91 99665 98611.
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