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Foxx Life Sciences India - APAC Headquarters

Management Spotlight: Eknath Kulkarni, The Man Who Believes in Reigning the Chaos with Skilful Innovation


 Eknath Kulkarni - MD APAC


Eknath Kulkarni was born in Maharashtra, India and pursued master’s in information technology from Rivier University, USA. In India, He contributed to building great products for brand like Force Motors and Tata Motors. Incidentally, he relocated to the United States with his family and that began the dawn of an era of innovation for the pharma consumable industry. He directed the product management at Foxx Life Sciences and then extended the same to his motherland, India. 

 Foxx Life Sciences APAC headquarters, Hyderabad, India

2019 was a year of significant events when the World slowly changed its position from fast forward motion to a sluggish mode and then almost halted for a certain period. Challenges never stop pursuers! Under the thoughtful leadership of two business leaders, Tom Taylor and Eknath, the APAC headquarters of a global innovation organization was beginning to take shape in Hyderabad, India.   

The vision for this new facility is to enhance quality service with productivity, with the India-US partnership. This vision is now turning into a reality, with the perseverance and continuous efforts of Eknath and his team. 


 FLS India official launch

Another wave of innovation, under the guidance of Eknath Kulkarni, Managing Director, Foxx Life Sciences began, this time in India. Over the years, the campus expanded as the people grew. Our organization is now catering to global product requirements with precision and perseverance. 

Despite having many issues in transportation, world class warehouses, complex regulatory frameworks, fragmented logistic industry, Eknath with his determination successfully setup a world class factory and warehouse in Hyderabad region of India. 

 The man who envisioned this along with the man who made this happen! 

 Foxx India

Foxx Life Sciences is committed to provide the best of the products with least lead time to all our valued customers. Being leaders in innovation, we look forward to participating in production of life saving drugs and biologicals. 

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