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BioProcess Single-Use

Single Use Technology in the Bioprocess Industry

Single Use Technology (SUT) is gaining popularity in Bioprocess and Biopharma industry with its advantages offering efficient and reliable at a comparatively lower cost. These products are also easy to handle and validate; hence making a mark in the bioprocessing industry for both upstream and downstream processes. 

Single Use Systems by Foxx Life Sciences

Foxx Life Sciences offers Single Use Systems (SUS) consisting of fluid handling bottle assemblies, bioprocess bags, carboys assemblies, bottle and flask assemblies, Silicone and Thermoplastic (TPE) tubing, Plastic fittings, connectors, manifold assemblies, Capsule Filter assemblies, and many more.   

Why Foxx Single Use Systems (SUS) products?

With Foxx Single Use Systems (SYS) and patented tecnology, there is a significant savings in time with regard to process development and validation for the vaccine and biotherapeutics production.  Single Use Systems (SUS) have also provided the advantage of faster regulatory approvals and go-to-market strategy. 

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