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Vactrap™ G, 2L, Glass Bottle, Red Bin, GL45 Cap w/1/4" ID Tubing

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    Foxx Life Sciences’ Vactrap™ G (Glass) is the ultimate vacuum trap system, adhering to the strictest CDC recommendations for laboratory safety. With its new continuous full vacuum rating, it is ideal for protecting vacuum lines and users. Vactrap™ G safely contains waste produced during supernatant removal, chemical separation, and cell or tissue culture media aspiration.

    Following in the footsteps of previous Foxx innovations, Vactrap™ G combines ease-of-use with revolutionary options and features to produce a new step forward in vacuum trap technology. From PUREGRIP® glass media bottle versions to the inclusion of Foxx’s tangle-free VersaCap® closures, to a brand new extra length tube, scientists now have access to better solutions at a lower cost.




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    Vactrap™ G Data Sheet

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