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EZwaste® 110 Safety Chemical Exhaust Filter, with Indicator,¼ -28 Thread, 1/EA

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SKU 250-2301-FLS

Universal ¼ -28 connection exhaust Chemical Exhaust Filter rids the ambient air of volatile compounds known to adversely affect health and safety. The large capacity 65g absorbent component filters out nearly all evaporating organic solvent vapors. The optional qualitative colorimetric indicator recognizes trace amounts of acetone, acetonitrile, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, ethanol, ethyl acetate, methanol, methylene chloride, and THF. Designed to provide real-time indication of the breakthrough of vapors, when the absorbent is saturated, a color change in the detector from orange/pink to dark purple. A small charcoal filter absorbs the vapors after they pass the detector making this both an ideal and necessary safety addition to the laboratory.


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