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EZBio® MTO 125mL Bottle, 38-430 VersaCap®, Non-Sterile, 10/cs

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Foxx Life Sciences EZBio® Made To Order “MTO” Single Use Bottles available in Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified (PETG), and Polycarbonate (PC). EZBio® “MTO” Single-Use Assemblies, allow the customer to select individual components suited for their project needs.  Selectable components include Volume and Material of Bottle, Number and Size of Ports for Cap insert, and Type/Brand of Fittings. All Assemblies are Made with USP Class VI components., these bottle assemblies offer complete and reliable fluid transfer and storage. Foxx's patented VersaCap® technology allows the bottle assemblies to achieve innovation and cost efficiency in single-use applications. 

EZBio® “MTO” Single-Use Non-Sterile Media Bottle Assembly, includes a Bottle, Cap, Adapter (Insert) with Hose Barb Ports 1/8in (3.2 mm) X OD ¼ in (6.4 mm) with ports and one extra closed cap for storage.

Each 125ml to 1 L Bottle and Adapter assemblies comes with VersaCap® 38-430 Cap and Adapters and 2L Bottles comes with Versa cap 53B cap and Adapters with Hose Barb Fitting of 1/8in (3.2 mm), ¼ in (6.4 mm)  and 5/16” (8.0mm).