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EZBio® Titanium Round Carboys, PETG, 20 Liter, No Spigot, VersaCap 83B, Non-Sterile

Original price Rs. 27,693.33
Current price Rs. 20,770.00
SKU 517-CH51-FLS
Foxx Life Sciences’ EZBio® Titanium Round (TR) Carboys are advance fluid handling systems developed with the end user in mind. The EZBio® TR Carboy serves as a highly versatile container suitable for all fluid management applications. The EZBio® TR Carboy’s are molded with ultra-pure USP Class VI resins, FDA 21 CFR 177 Grade materials and are available double bagged, sterile or non-sterile.

These Round Carboys are perfect for applications that requires homogeneous mixing. The shape eliminates any pockets of undissolved material that square carboys might develop due to uneven corners.

Additionally, the EZBio® TR Carboys can be coupled with the Foxx Life Sciences patented VersaCap® Technology, providing interchangeable and leak-proof connections. The VersaCap® is molded not machined, eliminating particulates and defects. With a wide variety of adapter inserts to meet your application needs.

Capacity: 20L (5.3g)
Closure Size: 83B
Material: PETG
Diameter: 526mm (20.7in)
Height: 281mm (11.1in)
Volume Brim: 22.5L (5.9g)
Autoclavable: No
Gamma Compactable: Yes
Sterility: No-Sterile
Color: Clear
Case Quantity: Each