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EZFlow® Cell Strainer, 40μm, Sterile, Blue, 50 per Box

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EZFlow® cell strainers are manufactured from a strong nylon mesh with evenly spaced mesh pores. They are available in three mesh sizes (40 µm, 70 µm, and 100 µm) and three colors (bule, white, and yellow respectively) for easy identification. These cell strainers are sterile, rapid, easy-to-use devices for consistently obtaining uniform single-cell suspensions from tissues. Protect your valuable flow cytometry and cell sorting instrumentation by reliably removing clumps and debris from cell suspensions and clinical samples prior to analysis.

  • Extended lip on the strainer enables aseptic handling with forceps
  • Designed to fit into a 50 ml conical tube
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Individually packaged to ensure strainers remain contamination free


  • Color: Blue
  • Mesh Size: 40μm

USP Class VI  dnase and rnase freenon-pyrogenic 


EZFlow Cell Strainers Datasheet

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