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Autofil® Polypropylene Bottle Top Vacuum Filter Funnel Assembly 1L, .2μm Nylon, 12/case

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Funnel Assembly with High Flow Nylon Membrane

Foxx Life Sciences' Autofil® PP bottle-top filters for solvent filtration are a revolutionary new way to purify solvents for analytical applications to obtain sterilized or purified extracts. Foxx has developed the world's first single piece polypropylene funnel, designed to withstand harsh solvents that would normally degrade traditional bottle-top filter assemblies. All active components are FDA-grade which makes Autofil® PP perfect for the extraction of compounds used in the food and drug industry.

Foxx Autofil® PP is designed to conveniently fit on top of most laboratory bottles with a GL45 thread. Autofil® PP is available in 3 different types of membrane: PES, Nylon, and PTFE. It is available in 2 different pore sizes: 0.2μm, or 0.45μm and it is available in 500mL and 1L.

The Autofil® system is designed for sterilization or clarification of aqueous laboratory fluids. 

An industry first, Foxx Life Sciences sells a stable, low-profile, patented optional pedestal base or a low cost ring-stand cradle. Each holder provides a stationary vacuum hose connection that makes set-up and use quick and efficient while preventing spills and tissue culture hood contamination. These holders also allow for hands-free operation of the filter unit. Foxx Life Sciences' Autofil® is manufactured in ISO 13485 clean room in NA.

*Must be used with a vacuum source.

Autofil Hardware sold separately.

Autofil® Vacuum Filtration Pedestal Autofil® Cradle Ring

Pedestal and Cradle Ring

USP Class VIFDA ApprovedMade in the USA


  • Funnel Height: 6.0" (153 mm)
  • Diameter(max): 5.2" (132  mm)
  • Funnel Volume: 1L
  • Funnel Material: Polypropylene
  • Filter Material: Nylon
  • Filter Pore Size: 0.2μm

USP Class VIFDA ApprovedMade in the USA


Autofil® PP Data Sheet (US)

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