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EZBio® Round Carboy 20 L (5 GAL) PC with 83B VersaCap® Non-Sterilized

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Foxx Life Sciences EZBio® Round PC Carboys are designed to provide users with a highly versatile container that maximizes flexibility and ease of use. 

Assembled entirely with USP Class VI components. The polycarbonate Carboy is durable, lighter and safer than glass. It is autoclavable for sterile applications and ideal for refrigerated or frozen storage of aqueous solutions such as sterile water, aqueous reagents and media. Polycarbonate also makes handling large-volume media, and culture preparation easier, particularly when visual inspection is required. The carboy material and volume are clearly imprinted on the outside of the bottle, along with large, easy to read liters and gallon graduation marks. The leak-proof VersaCap® features a replaceable platinum-cured silicone o-ring and offers the ultimate top-connection flexibilityDouble Bagged.       

Features and Benefits

  • Durable, lighter and safer than glass.  
  • Autoclavable for sterile applications. 
  • Assembled entirely with USP Class VI components. 
  • Ideal for refrigerated or frozen storage of aqueous solutions. 
  • Polycarbonate makes handling large-volume media, and culture preparation easier, particularly when visual inspection is required.  
  • Carboy material and volume are clearly imprinted outside the bottle. 
  • Large, easy to read liters and gallon graduation marks 
  • Leak-proof VersaCap® has a replaceable platinum-cured silicone o-ring and offers the ultimate top-connection flexibility.  
  • Double Bagged.    


      • SKU/Product Code: 518-9H51-FLS
      • Capacity: 20 Liter (5 GAL)
      • Sterility: Non-Sterilized, Double Bagged
      • Spigot: No Spigot
      • Cap Material: Polycarbonate
      • Cap Size: 83B
      • O-Ring: Platinum-cured Silicone
      • Product Size: 287mm Diameter x 536mm Height 
      • Shipping Size: 21mm Long x 14mm Wide x 20mm Height
      • Shipping Weight: 4.4 lbs.
      • Color: Transparent
      • Country of Origin: USA
      • Lead Time: 1-2 weeks
      • Warranty: No
      • Bottle Material: Polycarbonate
      • Application: Brewing, Fermentation, Solvent Storage, Water Storage. Store waste solvent, collect waste solvent, liquid storage.


      PC Carboy Data Sheet 

      Click here for a full list of our product datasheets! 

      Additional Size/Model Options;

      10 Liter - Non-Sterile

      10 Liter - Sterile

      20 Liter - Sterile


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