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PUREGRIP® Glass Carboys

PUREGRIP® Glass Carboys encompass the newest offering in Foxx’s exclusive North American collaboration with Borosil®. Combining the quality of Borosil® glassware with Foxx’s innovative, user-focused designs, these are the first ever 83B Glass Carboys on the market!

This product line features the largest writing surfaces and visible graduations on a glass carboy, while including our patented VersaCap® made from Class VI, Animal Free, Polypropylene. A platinum-cured silicone O-ring ensures our leak-proof seal while the large handles with finger grips allow for easy tightening and opening. Our Open VersaCap® technology (sold separately) is also compatible with a variety of adapter inserts, enabling users to quickly change top connections to match their application needs. This product line is also autoclavable and sterilizable, Complies with ISO 4796-1.

Check out the newest innovation in PUREGRIP® Glass Carboys today!  

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