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EZMicro™ Microbiology Funnel Monitor, 100mL, Gridded White MCE Membrane 0.45µm, Removable , Gamma Sterilized, PK/50

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Foxx Life Sciences disposable Gamma Sterilized EZMicro™ Microbiology Funnel is perfect for any microbiological analysis. These gridded, MCE membranes installed into each unit can reduce up to 70% of analysis time. Each unit is designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and are Gamma Irradiated to ensure the highest quality test environment

EZMicro™ Microbiology Funnel Monitor units come with a cellulose pad, 100 ml funnel and cover with a magnifying glass for colony count.

The membrane is optionally removable for colony conservation purposes or to be used with ampules of Microclar culture media.


  • Decreases approximately 70% of the time spent during the traditional process
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation, eliminating all the sterilization steps of the traditional membrane filtration method
  • Individually packed in easy to open polyethylene bags
  • Disposable Microbiological Monitor
  • Ideal to determine contaminants in liquid samples from bulk to finished products
  • Recommended for all types of microbiological analysis
  • Recommended to use with liquid agarized Petri dishes 

EZMicro™ Microbiology Funnel Monitors are designed for use with Vacuum Funnel Manifolds (sold separately), for use in vacuum filtration of liquids for analysis of microbiological or particulate contamination, and scintillation studies.


  • Filter Membrane: 0.45µm MCE Removable
  • Membrane Color: Gridded White
  • Sterility: Gamma Radiated
  • Material: Polystyrene


EZMicro Datasheet


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