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EZMicro™ Microbiology Funnel Monitor, 100mL, Gridded White MCE Membrane 0.45µm, Fixed, Gamma Sterilized, PK/50

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Foxx Life Sciences disposable Gamma Sterilized EZMicro™ Microbiology Funnel is perfect for any microbiological analysis. These gridded, MCE membranes installed into each unit can reduce up to 70% of analysis time. Each unit is designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and is Gamma Irradiated to ensure the highest quality test environment.

EZMicro™ Microbiology Funnel Monitor units come with a cellulose pad, 100 ml funnel and cover with a magnifying glass for colony count. Membrane welded to the base, for use with ampuls of microcar culture Media.        



  • Decreases approximately 70% of the time spent during the traditional process
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation, eliminating all the sterilization steps of the traditional membrane filtration method
  • Individually packed in easy to open polyethylene bags
  • Disposable Microbiological Monitor
  • Ideal to determine contaminants in liquid samples from bulk to finished products
  • Recommended for all types of microbiological analysis
  • Fixed membrane monitors are recommended to use with liquid "ready to use" culture media. They allow to incubate upside down in order to avoid condensation in the cover of the petri dish.                                             


      • Material: Polystyrene
      • Dimensions: 2.06"" diameter 3.76"" height
      • Filter Size: 50mm (1.97"" )
      • Filter Membrane: 0.45µm MCE Fixed
      • Sterility: Gamma Radiated
      • Membrane Color: Gridded White

      EZMicro™ Microbiology Funnel Monitors are designed for use with Vacuum Funnel Manifolds (sold separately), for use in vacuum filtration of liquids for analysis of microbiological or particulate contamination, and scintillation studies.


      EZMicro Datasheet


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